Friday, October 12, 2012

ONE is NOT the loneliest number!

Woot my first blog hop. I almost messed up and completely forgot about it! Just getting back on track after a rough week. Hope I don't disappoint you. If you are participating in the hop, you should have found me through Amanda's blog because she is the host of this fun hop. But, most likely you're getting to me late. If you're just starting. You should definitely stop at Amanda's first to get the scoop on how this hop works. She's got some give-away's too!

I'm usually a multi-photo scrapper. I love putting multiple photos on a layout that tell a story of an event. However, every now and then there's that one image you want to capture. A picture is worth a thousand words. There's that one photo that can tell a person's personality, or maybe describe a place you visited. 

I do both, digital and traditional scrapping and like to do a lot of one-photo layouts with my digi scrapping. For some reason I save digi scrapping for those layouts that are more personal. Those extra special layouts (even though, they're all special).

Here's one of my favorites, "Moments." It's so hard to get a photo of all three of us girls together, since I'm the one usually with the camera. This layout was done last summer. (Sorry, I do not know the designer of the kit used).
Here's one of my DD's that I did several years ago, back in 2008. This one is a traditional layout. I love this quote! Even though they were so little, I'm sure they think that about each other now! "I'm smiling because you're my sister, I'm laughing because there's nothing you can do about it."
I feel that the design of this layout really captures the photo because the photo takes up the majority of the page. There is that touch of elements, but the photo is the main focus and it's obvious.
Ok, so I didn't totally cheat with this blog hop. I did complete a fresh layout this morning. I have several one-photo layouts to go with song lyrics. I could write a whole post just on that. I love using song lyrics on a page. It helps with journaling. When you don't know the right things to say in your own words, look to a song. The whole song, part of a song, either way works.

This one is a digital layout and was made with the "Celebrate Life" kit, brand new from TeresaDigilDesigns.
I hope you enjoyed your visit here and got some ideas on using one-photo layouts. Now, guess what, it's... Adele's turn! Have fun hopping! Hope I didn't make you wait too long!

1 photo: Heather
1 photo: Crafty Country Bumpkin Jen
2 photos: Adele
2 photos: Heather M
3 photos: Becky
3 photos: Colleen
4 photos: Devra
4 photos: Carolyn
5 or 6 photos: Steffanie
5 or 6 photos: Dana
7 or more photos: Laura

Oops, almost forgot...
"A photograph is always about two things. It is about what is being shown, and it is about the response to what is seen."~Tom Bentkowski


  1. Great LO's Jen!! Love the photos!

  2. Your word verification does not let post-I liked your l/os

  3. Love the LO's ! Great work. Lately I've been doing a lot of one photo LOs and I love them. Fnding it hard to go back to doing multi pic Lo's LOL

  4. I love your use of those great quotes!

  5. I love your pages. The quote is so true.

  6. Great job with one photo pages. They're great and all so different.

  7. I agree - one-photo layouts are how I like to showcase a special photo. I love the sisters saying!!!

  8. Pretty layouts! I like doing LOs with one photo too. :)