Monday, August 5, 2013

Faith can move mountains

Yes, it surely can! I started this blog just over about a year ago. My first post being about the definition of success. It means so many things to so many different people. Some people think of success as winning, others think of it as overcoming a challenge, and some may think of it as getting through life day by day doing what needs to be done to survive. I believe success can be all of those things and even more.
This past year has been a rough roller coaster. Graduating from college at the ripe age of 40 with high expectations of going out into the world and finding that dream job right away. This past year was a wake up call, for me. Life isn't always easy. Life brings on challenges. 
However, I have also learned that it's a lot easier to just give up and throw it all away, rather than to keep pushing yourself to do better. While it's easier, it's not nearly as rewarding. There were times during this past year where my moral was at an all time low. Sending in resumes, going to endless interviews, and not getting an positive results. Yet, I kept pushing for more. I didn't give up. I did not want to let myself or my family down. And, well, it finally paid off. 

Finally I will be starting a job that's related to my career of choice. 
Finally, the sending out resumes and endless interviews are over, at least, for now. 
Finally, I have gotten my foot in the door and can begin a new chapter!

Next week are start my new job as an assistant preschool teacher and I couldn't be more excited. I know there will be some fun times. I know I will face challenges. I know I am ready for what life hands me!

My advice to all those out there struggling with whatever life is giving you...please, don't give up!

Gary Allen sings, "Every storm runs out of rain, just like every dark night turns into day. Every heart ache will fade away." This has been my theme song for the past year and has kept me going. That and faith that good things will happen with a little (or a lot of) patience and perseverance.

(This was taken at Whitemountain National Park in NH)

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